Three Body Problems

Jul 9

Haven't seen Savages yet, but at the end, could she be reclaiming the term? Kind of like a bisexual who says, "Oh, you think bisexuals sit on the fence because we don't want to pick a side? Well, then, I'm happy being a fence-sitter." Same for bi (or poly) people saying they're proud to be themselves, even if that makes them "greedy" or "slutty," or whatever else others think that makes them.

I like that thought, I like optimism! I must say it possibly is an attempt to reclaim it since the girl in the triad who was narrating is very flowerchild-esque and progressive. (Not that I have anything against that obviously lol) Though I’m not sure I want people to perceive our life style as primitive, but I guess a lot of people view homosexuality that way anyways. So reclaiming is a good thing. (Though I have my own opinions about attempts at reclaiming words, in that I don’t think it works usually)

Thanks for your input Unicorn Emma :)